Dangers of Psychedelics

You need to be careful using psychedelics. Partly because they can negative impacts on your health and the state of your mind if you possess certain genetic pre-dispositions. Partly because while under the influence of them you can make unrealistic judgements of your ability. Partly because you have a likely chance of developing P.I.T.S.

Psychedelic Induced Truth Syndrome is a condition described as the development, and continual upkeep of specific mechanisms of thought that, with increasing clarity and organization over time, dismantle superficial aspects of culture and society (especially regarding media and institution), as well as superficial and subconscious belief systems of one’s own mind.

Mechanisms of thought that actually criticize mechanisms of thought and inhibit the formation of belief systems.

I made up P.I.T.S


The Low Down

It has become completely obvious to me, that the largest barrier preventing us from achieving what we want in life, and becoming truly happy is ourselves. It is belief that holds us back from claiming our rightful position as a free individual in charge of our own reality. The unfortunate thing about this is that these limiting beliefs are so fundamental at the moment that it can be extremely difficult to break free from them, or even see a need to. On the other hand, the great thing about this is that, given a few directions, we can, as humans, relate to and understand something even more fundamental; the nature of our being. Our true selves. What we all know deep down to be true. Here, in the depths of ourselves, lie the cures to our suffering and hardship, the path towards bliss, the directions for our life and the answers to our most important questions.

The modern mind grows clouded with confusion. Confusion that for most of us, is accepted as the way things are. With a few simple and straightforward insights and understandings, this confusion is transcended and what remains is an individual complete in his or her own very existence. An individual at peace with what is true about reality and not standing, sword drawn, shaking in the face of an intimidating and seemingly unfair world. 


Utilize Facebook

I think it is becoming increasingly  important to actually utilize social media. Getting past the notions of social media being good, or social media being bad, the fact is, social media is everywhere and with no apparent signs of slowing down, is becoming more integrated with our personal lives as well as our society.

Being someone who has access to tools that allow you to read this very sentence, whether that be a personal computer, a public computer or your smart-phone, you are probably familiar with an application.

Many applications and services now offer you, and sometimes require you, to link your newly established account to your already-existing Facebook account.

As social media, and information itself, continues and continues to integrate with us, it is in my opinion, really important that we make sure our online persona is in line with our true self. Including what we truly like and truly dislike.

With Facebook as one example, we are able to create a “book” of our “face”. A collection of pictures that displays to others what we literally look like. However, our Facebook also contains information based on what we supposedly like. And we decide what enters this collection of information by simply pressing a “like” button.

When you sign up for other services and applications while linking to your Facebook account, remember theres an exchange of information going on here. Apart from your basic information such as your name and your e-mail address, these applications and services also share what type of music you like, what movies you like, what TV shows you like and what companies, pages and products you “like”.

So, make sure you like what you actually like, and maybe even remember to unlike things that do not interest you anymore! Keep your online persona updated.

Because, if you are someone who uses social media or the internet at least once a day, which you probably are, then your entire online experience will likely reflect what your online persona represents in terms of algorithms.


The internet should be a place that empowers you. Your “suggested” sections should actually excite you and lead you to interesting and useful information. The News you receive should be exciting. The internet conspires for you, but only if your online persona accurately represents what you truly like, dislike and find exciting.

Keep it updated. Keep it true. Keep it real.


Whats Up

There is an underlying flow of things.

A completely underlying flow of things. A completely over-arching force that writes the progress of language, culture and information.

This force can write one’s own experience if allowed. To allow is simply to let go.

To surrender.


Religion points to this, to God. God is what you are when you completely surrender. Experience is God and what and who are YOU without experience? Religion, as with any ideology, can and usually does, blur the truth. Separate from ideology, belief systems and judgement. Empower experience.

Empower that which you are, in every moment, a witness to.

Embrace silence and solitude every now and then. This is where, for most of us, it is most easy to realize what you are absolutely not. Now it is easy to be who and what you are.

Soon, intuition, the incommunicable and your experience springs forward as your compass.

Keep letting go. Keep surrendering to what you witness around you, and also within your self.


thats whats up


The Ocean

What if I am just like a fisherman; the ocean is my perception, and the fish are the only truth in it.
But, the fish were put there by something, and something is the universe itself. Including its mechanics, its functions, its beauty, its form.
And so the ocean has intention, and is quite possibly intended.
Somewhere you are in there. As a human being with a mathematically random assortment of genes, entwined in the earth and its mechanical form, which itself, entwined in the ever changing cosmic fabric. And so, we are all part of the same sheet, governed by the observable and invisible laws that we are so sown from.
Yet what comes from this sheet? We are entwined,
combined and
locked on line.
Woven in structure and parallel in time.
No one and no thing, comes forward or from
this ocean we call home.
we are all “one”