The Ocean

What if I am just like a fisherman; the ocean is my perception, and the fish are the only truth in it.
But, the fish were put there by something, and something is the universe itself. Including its mechanics, its functions, its beauty, its form.
And so the ocean has intention, and is quite possibly intended.
Somewhere you are in there. As a human being with a mathematically random assortment of genes, entwined in the earth and its mechanical form, which itself, entwined in the ever changing cosmic fabric. And so, we are all part of the same sheet, governed by the observable and invisible laws that we are so sown from.
Yet what comes from this sheet? We are entwined,
combined and
locked on line.
Woven in structure and parallel in time.
No one and no thing, comes forward or from
this ocean we call home.
we are all “one”

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