Utilize Facebook

I think it is becoming increasingly  important to actually utilize social media. Getting past the notions of social media being good, or social media being bad, the fact is, social media is everywhere and with no apparent signs of slowing down, is becoming more integrated with our personal lives as well as our society.

Being someone who has access to tools that allow you to read this very sentence, whether that be a personal computer, a public computer or your smart-phone, you are probably familiar with an application.

Many applications and services now offer you, and sometimes require you, to link your newly established account to your already-existing Facebook account.

As social media, and information itself, continues and continues to integrate with us, it is in my opinion, really important that we make sure our online persona is in line with our true self. Including what we truly like and truly dislike.

With Facebook as one example, we are able to create a “book” of our “face”. A collection of pictures that displays to others what we literally look like. However, our Facebook also contains information based on what we supposedly like. And we decide what enters this collection of information by simply pressing a “like” button.

When you sign up for other services and applications while linking to your Facebook account, remember theres an exchange of information going on here. Apart from your basic information such as your name and your e-mail address, these applications and services also share what type of music you like, what movies you like, what TV shows you like and what companies, pages and products you “like”.

So, make sure you like what you actually like, and maybe even remember to unlike things that do not interest you anymore! Keep your online persona updated.

Because, if you are someone who uses social media or the internet at least once a day, which you probably are, then your entire online experience will likely reflect what your online persona represents in terms of algorithms.


The internet should be a place that empowers you. Your “suggested” sections should actually excite you and lead you to interesting and useful information. The News you receive should be exciting. The internet conspires for you, but only if your online persona accurately represents what you truly like, dislike and find exciting.

Keep it updated. Keep it true. Keep it real.


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