Whats Up

There is an underlying flow of things.

A completely underlying flow of things. A completely over-arching force that writes the progress of language, culture and information.

This force can write one’s own experience if allowed. To allow is simply to let go.

To surrender.


Religion points to this, to God. God is what you are when you completely surrender. Experience is God and what and who are YOU without experience? Religion, as with any ideology, can and usually does, blur the truth. Separate from ideology, belief systems and judgement. Empower experience.

Empower that which you are, in every moment, a witness to.

Embrace silence and solitude every now and then. This is where, for most of us, it is most easy to realize what you are absolutely not. Now it is easy to be who and what you are.

Soon, intuition, the incommunicable and your experience springs forward as your compass.

Keep letting go. Keep surrendering to what you witness around you, and also within your self.


thats whats up


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