The Low Down

It has become completely obvious to me, that the largest barrier preventing us from achieving what we want in life, and becoming truly happy is ourselves. It is belief that holds us back from claiming our rightful position as a free individual in charge of our own reality. The unfortunate thing about this is that these limiting beliefs are so fundamental at the moment that it can be extremely difficult to break free from them, or even see a need to. On the other hand, the great thing about this is that, given a few directions, we can, as humans, relate to and understand something even more fundamental; the nature of our being. Our true selves. What we all know deep down to be true. Here, in the depths of ourselves, lie the cures to our suffering and hardship, the path towards bliss, the directions for our life and the answers to our most important questions.

The modern mind grows clouded with confusion. Confusion that for most of us, is accepted as the way things are. With a few simple and straightforward insights and understandings, this confusion is transcended and what remains is an individual complete in his or her own very existence. An individual at peace with what is true about reality and not standing, sword drawn, shaking in the face of an intimidating and seemingly unfair world. 


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