What Is Conscious Encounters?

Conscious Encounters is, for us, a community. A community of mindful individuals seeking insight in to the nature of our conscious experience. Because in some way or another this excites us. Because its what we know will ultimately allow us to experience an authentic life that excites us, conspires for us and is in line with what we truly want and need to be empowered and free individuals.

One could say Conscious Encounters revolves around concepts such as personal development, spirituality, non-duality and, more simply, the science of consciousness, but ideally, Conscious Encounters is centred around experience.

If you are interested in the nature of your being, the beauty and obscurity of the universe and more simply, improving yourself so that you can live the life that you truly desire, then stick around for a while.

My personal hope is that Conscious Encounters will hopefully become a small part of what is necessary.

Everyone should do there part to promote authentic living and luckily, the best way to do this is to simply be you and live authentically!


So have fun out there in the beautiful world we are blessed with and feel free to be you. If this is challenging, or you reach obstacles along the path of empowering yourself, turn to Personal Development as one of the best tools we have at our disposal to come to terms with yourself; to realize what and who you truly are.

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